LIST OF SUBJECTS: (Semester-wise)
LLB 1st Year - I Semester
  1. Law of Contract
  2. Constitutional Law - I
  3. Law of Tort including MV. Accident and Consumer Protection
  4. Law of Crimes - I (IPC)
  5. Family Law-I (Family Relations)

LLB 1st Year – II Semester
  1. Special Contracts9
  2. Constitutional Law - II
  3. Environmental Law
  4. Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal system and Basic Theory of Law)
  5. Family Law –II (Property Relations)
LLB 2nd Year – III Semester
  1. Property Law including Transfer of Property Act and Easements Act
  2. Labour and Industrial Law – I
  3. Company Law
  4. Administrative Law
  5. Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation (Optional Paper-I)

  LLB 2nd Year – IV Semester

1. Labour and Industrial Law – II
2. Public International Law
3. Principles of Taxation Law
4. Intellectual Property Rights Litigation (Optional Paper-II)
5. Land Law including Tenure and Tenancy System / Investment Law (Optional Paper-III)

LLB 3rd Year – V Semester

1. Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
2. Law of Crimes – II (Cr.P.C, Juvenile Justice and Probationers of Offenders Act))
3. Law of Evidence
4. Banking Law and Negotiable Instruments Act / Insurance Law (Optional Paper-IV)
5 Media Law including Right to Information Act, 2005 / International Human Rights (Optional Paper-V)

LLB 3rd Year – VI Semester

Practical Training - I

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance
Practical Training - II
Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System
Practical Training – III
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Practical Training – IV
Moot Court Exercise and Internship
Paper – V: Penology and Victimology / Women and Criminal Law (Optional Paper-VI)

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